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I now gladly accept guest posts. I love writing blog posts and I love reading on topics of my interest. If you’re a blogger and have a story, tips or want to educate readers on something specific, I’d love to hear from you! There are a few guidelines that I kindly ask that you follow. Please note, blog posts must benefit readers. Meaning, at a minimum blog post should educate, bring insight and inspiration to readers.

topics i accept

- Lifestyle - Creative & active lifestyle inspiration
- Branding and Design - Resources, graphic design, styling
- Calligraphy - Brush lettering, guides, tutorials, tips, freebies
 - Social Media - Blogging, SEO, Pinterest, Instagram, Business
- Home Decor - Home decor & design, home buyers,
- Beauty and Fashion - Inspiration, DIY’s, natural wellness. No “Shop my __” allowed.
- Travel - Travel guides, Past vacations, recommendations 

* If you’re unsure whether a topic you have in mind is a topic I accept, go ahead and send an inquiry with your idea anyway. Chances are, your article will still be accepted as long as it falls under the categories discussed on Hello Misha.

guidelines & requirements

-  A short bio of you (This will be included at end of blog post to give readers a little insight on author)
- A picture of you (This will be placed next to bio)
- Social media’s you wish to be linked back to you - Optional 
- Your website URL for back linking. 
 - A feature photo for post
- 2-3 photos in post minimum. (readers will be able to repin these to Pinterest!)
- A Pinterest cover photo to include at the end of article, for readers to pin to Pinterest - Optional
- Use keywords and short paragraphs in your post (4-6 sentences)
- Minimum of 1000 words - Good for SEO (unless you’re submitting a recipe, yum!)
- Post must be original. Do not publish same post anywhere else, including your own blog. This effects google SEO significantly as duplicate posts is seen as spam.
- No affiliate links 

small print

* I reserve the right to refuse or edit any spelling and grammar error’s (I will inform you if I have to do so.) and to maximize SEO.
* All guest posts will be published and visible on the guest posts page with authors name, bio, connected social media accounts and related topic.
* All guest posts are included in monthly newsletters sent out to my email list for further exposure.
 * Please note, there is no compensation for guest posts.

Please send an email and allow 24-48 hours for a reply. An additional email will be sent to you when your post is live, if approved.

Please Include everything mentioned in guidelines & requirements in your email. Thank you !

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