Refer, Get rewarded

it's that simple..

There is nothing better than hearing how much I’ve helped a client or getting those occasional messages about how much another designer loves my work and is inspired. Even more, when someone passes on my information.
I’m grateful and honoured to be mentioned and I want to show you how much that means to me. So I sat down of ways I could quickly and genuinely say thank you to anyone who has spread my name. 

Whether they read your blog, saw something you shared of mine, you mentioned me on your platform, or just simply suggested me to someone, as long as they say your name, you just got my eyes on you and 1 referral pending on your list! That’s correct. I want to gift you, just for simply, suggesting my studio. 

Best part? Both you and the person you referred gets rewarded, because I’m that grateful — for you BOTH.

how it works

- Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend. Or tell a relative, how much you loved working with me/how much you love my work ;)

- Make sure your friend or relative inputs your name into their form when they inquire. 

- You will be rewarded on the project END date as long as project was successful. 

how and when do i get my reward?

Rewards are given via email and/or PayPal - We can also discuss other options that may work for us both — such as stripe. 

whats my reward?

Designers - 10% of project total OR $150 Starbucks Giftcard

Past Clients - $200 Design credit OR $150 Starbucks Giftcard

Potential Client Referred  - 10% off their project. 

projects that qualify:

Branding & Web
Website Template Customization
Designer For The Day - Full Day Only*

additional iformation

Referrals are only valid for the first booking. This means if a client books a project successfully, You will get paid. If the client returns for another project in the future, you will not get paid from that project.

Clients inquiring must say your name associated with your social media handle and/or website. Don’t worry, I will discuss and verify exactly whom referred the client during me and the clients discussion, so there will be no mistakes. 

The potential client can only list ONE person as the referral. 

There are no limits to referrals. You can refer as many as you like. 

Not everyone who inquiries to work with me is an ideal fit. If this happens, you will be informed and no reward is given. 

Payment is made within 1 week of successful project. 

For payment your emails address will be needed. I will reach out to you via email about a potential reward and ask you to provide your details. 
*This program is subject to change/end without notice. Any pending referrals will still be granted payment if/when this happens and this page will be shut down prior. 

Questions? E: