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Oct 24, 2020

My Favorite Elegant Fonts Vol 01.

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I’m a big fan of pretty and elegant fonts, i mean which designer isn’t ?! Today i bring you a small list of my favorite elegant fonts that i’ve used in the past for projects and still use!

5 elegant fonts for your next project! Hope to inspire someone today!

Mockup of website design

Aug 23, 2020


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Behind The Scenes Of My Designing Process Vol 02.

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I shared a blog post on my process for branding, now i’m going to share my process for web designs as they are slightly different.
Unless the project is the branding and web package, Clients who come to me for website designs must have established branding first. The web design process is much similar to my branding process, except it is for a website. My process goes as follows:

Behind the scenes of my designing process


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Aug 21, 2020

Behind the scenes of my designing process vol 01.

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If you’re like me, you like to know every detail before hand and you like self educating. This article is to give an insight of my designing process for branding. So maybe you’re a potential client who’s been eyeing my work, or a designer that’s looking for inspiration on things they can implement in their own process. Then this read is for you.

Aug 7, 2020


Guest Post, Travel

Guest post with Kimmy Cheung: Our home is girt by sea

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today, I have a guest post for you. I’m bringing you an article by another talented blogger. An insight on her trip to Australia. Australia Saying you have a favourite national anthem is the cheesiest, but the Australian anthem is really lovely. I remember the first time the national anthem impacted me so much was […]