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Behind The Scenes Of My Designing Process Vol 02.

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Aug 23, 2020

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I shared a blog post on my process for branding, now i’m going to share my process for web designs as they are slightly different.

|Read Part 1 here

Unless the project is the branding and web package, Clients who come to me for website designs must have established branding first.

The web design process is much similar to my branding process, except it is for a website. My process goes as follows:

inquire and connect

client application form

Anyone who is interested in working with me will fill out my contact form on my website. This is also the first impression that a potential client is serious. 

Once they fill out the form and submit it to me, they receive a confirmation email with a special link attached. I encourage potential clients to go though this email and the link provided while they wait to hear back from me personally (within 48 hours). So far, clients have been extremely grateful for this little guide as it has everything they will need to know about working with me, the process and what they can expect. It will also probably answer any questions a client may have. 

Once I touch base with them and discuss further about their inquiry, we determine if we’re a good fit. If we both agree to move forward, a proposal, contract and invoice is then forwarded to the client. They will sign the contract, pay the deposit (50%) through the invoice and then their project and date is officially confirmed in my schedule. Yay!

I manage projects, contracts and invoices in my CRM tool called Dubsado.

I do offer payment plans and ask clients if this is something they will need. This is information I need to know before crafting an invoice.

discovery & strategy

strategy session

All projects begin with strategy and direction. A website wont have meaning or convert otherwise. Each client is given the option for a video call, voice call or email (some clients are shy and that’s okay) to discuss their website goals, vision, business and branding and of course, clientele. Anywhere they are stuck or have questions or are unsure of something, I provide my knowledge and support to guide clients through this process. This stage of the project is to make sure the client is 100% confident in their website and their business enhances with a website that’ll drive in quality results.

homework – questionnaire, content planner & pinterest board

Like mentioned in my branding process, Clients are given homework to complete that is due on the morning of our project start date. This homework is for me to get a better look into their business and long term goals. Clients receive and in depth questionnaire and a content planner which will obtain the website contents. They must provide imagery and copy for the website as copywriting is not included in my services. However, should a client need this service, I provide my personal recommendations.

The content planner will have content for each page that will be designed and built on the clients website. Clients can also upload websites content into a folder on google drive.

I also get my client to create a Pinterest board and pin up to 20 pins of websites or web pages that inspires or resonates with them.


live url website or website mockup

Referencing off everything i’ve learned about the client and their goals, A live url (for showit websites) or a mockup (for squarespace and shopify websites) are designed and presented to clients with 2 initial designs for them to choose from.

home page

The home page is designed and built out first and presented to the client to provide feedback.

refine and expand

Clients are shown the mockups or the link to the page designs. Clients are given 2 rounds of revisions and I allow the clients to provide feedback on what’s working and what isn’t. If a client wants revisions, I’ll make the needed changes and fixes to whatever the client desires and then send it over again to the client for approval.

rest of website build

After the homepage has been approved, the rest of the website is designed and built. Clients are given a live URL and/or recorded video of their website build so they are always in the know.


I send clients a “finalize release” form for them to sign and agree on the designs before I start to wrap things up and start working on things like SEO and text ags. They will sign this release form if they are happy with the overall designs. This is usually done after the entire website has been designed and built.

I’m very specific when it comes to the final design. I go over it 100 times making sure it is right. I like to to be absolutely sure about a design and I want to make sure the client gets everything they visioned. It’s true that I could spend a whole day sitting down and revising designs.

When I show a client designs for approval, I also include a short video/PDF explaining my reason behind the choices of the designs and selections.


share design key

For showit users, Clients are given the share design key to access their design and have the website installed on their account. Easy as pie.

For squarespace users, clients usually just add me as a contributor or i’ll build the site on my own account and transfer the ownership to the client.

useful documents

My clients are always left with pretty PDF’s with a personal customized website guidelines and zoom tutorials. This tutorial shows a complete rundown of the website, how to edit, remove, add features and texts, how to manage and where and what everything are on your website. The tutorial also provides information on proper SEO.

I also share my personal knowledge with growing your business and what NOT to do when making changes or adjustments to your website.



So, in my inquiry form I have two optional fields. One is address and one is their favorite coffee shop, flowers Or wine. Now, since my services don’t require anything to be shipped, I don’t need an address. However I put this field so that clients can leave me thier address if they want to. Why? Provided a client doesn’t put me through hell (giggles), or takes advantage of my kindness and understanding, I will GLADY mail them a gift simply for being an amazing client. 

The gift is half a surprise as you can guess with the question in the field. However, I do learn a few things about clients during our time together and I most likely will add a second gift of something they would like.

So far, I’ve gifted every single client 😉 

My toolbox is quite handy. I use a hand full of tools when it comes to my designs including hand sketching when an idea pops up in my head at random.

For drafts, designs and formatting, I use procreate on my iPad, and adobe suite on my Mac. Transitioning between multiple programs/apps to get the perfect end result. 


I’m a very dedicated designer, so I spend lots of time and effort on designs, often exploring ways I can add or remove features to give it a better appearance. Once I’m happy with what I’ve come up with I’ll take that piece for final touch ups and edits in adobe photoshop or illustrator (good for typography aswell).

You can actually see all the tools I use to run my business here.

I’m curious, designers what are you using ?!

As you can see, I’m passionate about my business and enjoy making a clients experience a memorable and easy one.

Well, there you have it. A peep inside my process and toolkit 🙂 and if you found this helpful would you do me a favor and pin it to share with your friends ?

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