Homemade Macaroni Pie Recipe


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Jun 25, 2020

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Home Made Macaroni Pie

Home made steak and macaroni pie

If you follow me on Instagram than you know I occasionally post the meals I chef up at home. Often I get questions on how to make a dish but one specific post caught a lot of attention and interest. I made a steak dinner with a side of macaroni pie and to my surprise everyone wanted some or guidance on how to prepare the pie.

I gladly put together the recipe for those interested in this easy but delicious dish called the Macaroni Pie. Cheesy, moist and oh so delicious! It can be served as a side dish to replace your regular rice or potatoes. However nothing is wrong if you still want to include your usual side dish but be aware the macaroni pie is extremely filling!

Ready in

55 Minutes


6-12 People




Elbow Macaroni (900 g)
2 Eggs
Mozzarella & Cheddar cheese, grated
Diced up Onions
2 Cups of Cream
2-3 Teaspoons of Salt
2 Teaspoons of Butter


  • Chop up the onions into very fine dices or grate them to avoid feeling texture in pie.
  • Grate a block of mozzarella & cheddar cheese, or buy the bag with cheese already grated (We use black diamond brand).
  • Beat eggs together and leave aside in a bowl


  • Boil water and add butter and salt. Add macaroni when water comes to a boil. When tender(about 15 minutes- 20 minutes boiling), drain. While macaroni is boiling, proceed to the next steps.
  • On the side, mix the two eggs together until you get a fluffy texture.
  • Cut up onions in small small squares, making them almost liquid. This is to prevent feeling the onion texture in the pie when you chew but still provides the flavour. If you don’t mind crunching down on onion when you consume your pie, you don’t have to cut it that small. You can also use a grater to grate onion into a bowl.
  • Grate the mozzarella and cheddar cheese together in a bowl. To save time you can purchase mozzarella and cheddar cheese already grated in a bag together. How much cheese you use is entirely up to you based on how cheesy you want it. I use one block of each cheese or two bags of already grated cheese.
  • With macaroni drained and in pot, combine eggs, onions, cream, butter and cheese. Gradually keep adding cheese while you mix and melt the cheese.
  • Pour mixed ingredients in a greased baking dish, sprinkle more cheese on the top and bake at 360 degrees F. Until firm. About 30 Minutes.
  • Allow pie to cool down and set for ablest 30 minutes. Cutting it while it is too hot will cause the pie to fall sloppily and loose the “pie” form.
  • ENJOY!


You can sprinkle the top with breadcrumbs to add a “crunchy” texture to your pie.

Any left overs can be stored (simply put foil paper over dish and put in fridge) and saved for the next day, it taste just as delicious re heated!

Allow to cool down completely before putting in fridge for another day.

Would not recommend eating after more than 48 hours in fridge.

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  1. Sophia says:

    Oh my goodness this sounds so good! I have got to try to make this.

  2. Aditi says:

    I am very sure this recipe is something my son will love. Surely giving it a try soon

  3. Chantal says:

    I love macaroni pie. I make it myself. There are so many ways to put your touch on this. This looks like a great recipe. People need to get on this!!!!🤗

  4. Nyie says:

    This is the most genius thing I’ve ever heard of! I’ll definitely have to make this!

  5. My daughter loves mac and cheese, I think she would love this.

  6. Kristyn says:

    My son was just asking me to make homemade mac and cheese today! I’ll have to try this out.

  7. WorldInEyes says:

    I love Macaroni and have had different types of but this pie macaroni recipe is quite different and unique one for me..Thanks for sharing this looks so delicious….

  8. Lyosha says:

    looks delicious! I have never tried anything similar before, looks curious!

  9. Monidipa says:

    So yummy! I can’t wait to give this recipe a try! I like it already..!!

  10. Lovely says:

    That looks really delicious! I would love to try out your recipe



  11. This looks so good! I haven’t had mac n cheese in such a long time and this would hit the spot perfectly. Great simple recipe. Thanks so much for sharing. I will definitely be trying this!

  12. Amanda says:

    This looks so good! I would make it a bit lower carb with cauliflower in place of the noodles, but this recipe seems great! Thanks for sharing!

  13. By the looks of it, I am sure this is delicious. I love the dripping sauce. Oh, so yummy.

  14. Melissa Cushing says:

    This looks delicious and the addition of the onions I am sure is super yummy. It is very similar to my grandmothers southern recipe which is a huge hit in my home 🙂

  15. Esterella says:

    I love your theme! Your blog is absolutely stunning. Hadn’t ever thought of serving macaroni cheese with steak, but this looks yummy.


    • Camisha Balfour says:

      Thank you so much, I appreciate you!🥺🥺 I thought id try it with the steak instead of mashed potatoes 😋😋

  16. Melanie Edjourian says:

    This does sound like a yummy dish. I do like both cheese and pasta. I normally call this macaroni cheese. Not heard it called macaroni pie before.

  17. Amber Myers says:

    Oh yes please. This looks incredible. I will have to try it out for sure. I’m hungry now!

  18. Nadine says:

    That looks amazing 55 minutes is great for making dinner and it sounds amazing! I will definitely try this!

    • Camisha Balfour says:

      It is a good side dish, I promise! very filling and can save left overs for the next day, taste just as good re heated!

  19. Oh my goodness does that sound good. My sister makes something similar but she uses bread crumbs to make hers. I am so glad you posted this. I am going to try to make it. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Chad says:

    Macaronie pie!!! I’ve personally never heard of this but I would love to try it, can’t wait to bake it.

  21. Shelby says:

    This looks so good! I love a good casserole. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  22. Alison says:

    Lovely Blog Post 🙂

  23. Manda says:

    Can’t wait to make this, macaroni and cheese is serious comfort food. Thanks for the post Misha💜